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Automotive frame and unibody repair is a field that few people know a lot about. A sort of mysterious craft somewhere between science and art. Properly performed, a mangled vehicle frame is restored to pre-accident condition. The vehicle handles properly, does not wear tires and there is no signs it was ever damaged. Poorly performed, the list of symptoms is numerous and the results are quite disappointing.


Front and/or rear tire wear

Parts that continue to fail

Alignment that cannot be set

Dog tracking vehicles

The list goes on

Poorly repaired vehicle with the frame still bent

Many times the vehicle was wrecked and repaired. The exterior repairs look fine, all the body panels fit, but the chassis is still bent. This truck had been wrecked in the front years earlier. The owner was not aware the symptoms he kept having were related to the previous collision.  At first everything seemed okay.  After a period of time, there was a severe vibration.  There had also been repeated transmission and differential problems.

Straight, bent and improperly repaired frame

The front frame rails were swayed to the left in the collision. A proper repair would have reversed the damage and returned the rails to the proper position. Instead, the ends of the rails were bent in an effort to make the hood and bumper to fit. Because the frame was still bent, the engine was out of alignment with the chassis.

In order to get the suspension and body parts to fit, the mounting holes were slotted. This type work is indicative of a very poorly repaired frame.

Bent frame slotted to make fit

The poor repair caused the driveshaft to be out of alignment with the transmission and differential. The driveshaft being out of alignment resulted in a severe vibration. This vibration damaged the transmission and the rear differential. After repairing the frame, driveshaft, transmission and differential the vehicle drove like new.

Bent frame with misaligned engine and driveline

A bent frame or unibody doesn't need to be an ongoing problem, it can be repaired.  Frame and unibody repair simply must be done correctly. If you suspect frame damage, give us a call. AGCO will set you straight.

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