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When there is a problem with a vehicle, the first question many people have is, "How much will it cost me?" This is understandable, as we must allocate funds. Unfortunately, it is also the leading cause of the complaints many people have with vehicle repair.

It often goes like this, "My air conditioner is not working, how much does it cost to recharge it?" The problem is, neither the client nor the shop has any idea what is wrong with the vehicle at this point. An honest shop, will quote their rate per hour for checking the vehicle. Using this method, the actual problem can be found and the exact price quoted before they begin repair.

Why price quotes are meaningless

For instance, one cause of this problem may be a bad connection at the condenser fan. Any competent shop can repair the connection for a few dollars. A bad compressor clutch may also cause the same symptom but cost several hundred dollars. A leaking evaporator core, may cause the refrigerant to escape along with the compressor oil. This will cause the compressor to fail and again result in the same symptoms. A repair of this level will cost the customer into the thousands to repair.

The point is, getting a price on work that will not fix the problem helps no one

Having an honest, competent shop diagnose the actual problem with the vehicle is imperative. This way, they can quote an exact price, before the client authorizes any work. The client knows what to expect and they may correctly decide.

Often unscrupulous operators quote a price, designed to get the client in the door. This practice is well known, within the trade. It is equally well known, that the price quoted is NOT the price they will charge. Once they disable the vehicle, the likelihood of moving to another shop is far lower. Dishonest operators use this method, because it works, very well.

Asking price without knowing what is wrong is a very poor way to find an honest and competent shop. This practice is the cause of many problems people experience getting a vehicle repaired. Collecting meaningless price quotes takes a lot of time that could be better spent.

What to do instead

 Spend time investigating the reputation of shops in your area

 Call a shop, that does not do the work you need, and ask them about the reputation of the shop you are considering

 Ask any shop considered about the methods they will use to find the problem

 Locate a shop that charges for time spent, rather than flat rate

AGCO realizes better methods produce better results. Repairing the vehicle or looking for someone to repair it, honesty is what people need. Fixed right the first time, delivered on time and at the price quoted. AGCO, it’s the place to go.

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