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Joe needs a set of tires for his vehicle and naturally he wants the best deal he can get. He shops a bit, but hears so many pitches that he has no idea who to believe. Exhausted, he buys a set that promises the lowest price. A few days later he notices a vibration as he drives.

Now Joe has to waste time he doesn’t have to bring the vehicle back in. The tire dealer again balances the tires and Joe leaves. The vibration is still there. He makes another trip to the dealer only to be told they don’t feel the problem. In desperation Joe decides to he will just live with the vibration.

Out of round tires can damage suspension components

A few months later there is a clunking noise under the vehicle. Back to the tire store, they now tell him he needs a set of struts. After replacing the struts and mounts the noise is gone but the vibration is still there. Six-months later he notices fluid leaking from under his vehicle. This time the rack and pinion is leaking.

Joe is out over $2000.00 for repairs and the vehicle rides badly and rattles. He decides it’s time to trade for a new car. Now Joe spends $30,000 for a new vehicle.

Out of round tires vibrate and damage suspension and steering

Joe and many other people do not realize that vibrations can quickly destroy expensive components. A tire that is not perfectly round can result in a vibration when it rolls. The suspension tries to absorb the vibration but the constant beating can destroy parts over time.

Out of round tire

At AGCO we know preventing problems is far less expensive than repairing them. Two-hundred dollars saved on a cheap set of tires can turn into $2000.00 in repair and worse. This is the reason we do not sell cheap tires.

We know the overall lowest cost always comes from preventing problems. We sell Michelin tires, properly aligned, properly mounted and properly balanced. Let us show you why a quality tire is by far the least expensive to use.

Out of Round Tires

  • Can damage suspension components

  • Will vibrate, even though they are balanced

  • Wear quickly and ride badly

  • Cost far more than quality tires

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