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Often, folks call and ask how much is a brake job?  There are shops waiting for such a  call. They are prepared with a quick answer to every likely question. They have researched the market and set their information to maximize their potential to "get a shot at this vehicle." Quickly they snap back with $89.95 or some other figure that has no basis in reality. It doesn’t matter. Their aim is to make some money. Get the vehicle in and tear it apart. In the trade this is known as spiking the job.

To such a shop, the amount quoted doesn’t matter

The amount quoted is not the amount they intend to charge. That amount is the most they feel they can extract from the client. Solving any particular problem is strictly secondary, at best. The point is to make money and their best opportunity is to play along with the client for now.

How much is a brake job

An honest and professional shop will quickly let you know there is no such thing as a "brake job." If there ever was, the term is so far from reality today as to have no meaning.

Instead there are brake problems, each of which requires a totally different service. A grinding noise on braking, may be a worn brake pad. It may also be a seized caliper, a restricted brake hose, a failed valve or solenoid in the ABS unit or a piece of gravel stuck in the backing plate, or any of dozens of other things.

There are really only two things that are important:

  1. Is the shop you are calling honest; if so the repair will be reasonable for the work done and only the work needed will be done. If not, likely the client will be taken, regardless of the steps they take to prevent it.

  2. Is the shop you are calling technically competent; if so they will be able to fix the problem. If not, the client is not likely to leave with a properly repaired vehicle or pleased.

This may fly in the face of all the average consumer has been taught. It is none the less the truth. Shopping for auto repair means shopping for the right shop. Here’s more information on finding the right shop.

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